4T1 – Restrolounge

4T1 – Restrolounge


4T1 Restrolounge – Luxury Nightclub


Enjoy fine dining, amazing cocktails, music & nightlife at our state-of-the-art Las Vegas-inspired 4T1 RESTROLOUNGE!


Step into the ultra-cool icon of Silvassa’s premium nightlife and experience 4T1’s unique hospitality in a stylishly understated setting that embodies the essence of the Pearl brand.


4T1 Restrolounge at Pearl Resort Silvassa


Relax, socialize and then dance into the early hours at the lounge designed with an ultrachic combination of 685 lights with vibrant beats of the resident and visiting national artists and DJs.



4T1 is also the perfect place for celebrations, be it birthday parties, engagement parties, anniversary celebrations, or any other private events. Seen below a picture of a visitor at 4T1 with our iconic state-of-the-art lighting in the background:


State-of-the-art light & sound systems at 4T1 Nightclub Silvassa


4T1 Restrolounge during one of the recent New Year’s Eve celebrations:


New Year Celebrations at 4T1 Silvassa at Pearl Resort Silvassa


Here is a sneak peek of the partying experience at 4T1. Seen below a clip from an event when superstar DJ SEQU3L performed at 4T1:



The venue regularly hosts parties and weekly concerts and has become the place to be in a very short time. 4T1 can accommodate upwards of 450 people at a time.



4T1 hosts regular weekly events from Bollywood music to different genres like Hip-Hop music, EDM music, and House music.

Seen below, DJ Rawking – the Official DJ of Mika Singh – performing at 4T1 Restrolounge:



4T1 also hosts comedy nights and some of the big names who have performed at comedy nights include popular Indian comedian Jaspreet Singh as well as India’s Laughter Champion winner Rajat Sood.

Seen below Jaspreet Singh promoting and performing at 4T1 Restrolounge:



Jaspreet Singh with an iconic performance at 4T1 Silvassa:



4T1 Silvassa is no stranger to popular names and regularly welcomes well-known artists. Seen here (below) India’s first-ever Mrs. Femina & DJ – Tapeshwari Sharma – performing at 4T1 Restrolounge:



4T1 is also a huge favorite among locals as well as visitors as it is one of the Instagrammable places in town. Rarely anyone misses to get a snap of them at 4T1.

Seen below few of the fan pics at 4T1:


Fans taking pics at 4T1 Nightclub Silvassa


Fans pics at 4T1 Silvassa:


Fans pics at 4T1 Nightclub at Pearl Resort Silvassa


4T1 Silvassa has quickly built-up a following and become one of the best nightclubs in India. Seen below some of the guests enjoying a premium nightlife experience:


One of the best nightclubs in India


4T1 is open daily from 12 pm in the afternoon to the early hours in the morning.

4T1 Restrolounge Food Menu

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