Pearl – Café

Pearl – Café

Pearl Luxury Bakery & Café at Pearl Resort Silvassa



Pearl Luxury bakery & café is a sophisticated café/bakery inspired by France.


Pastry chef with a luxury cake at Privé at Pearl Resort Silvassa


With an extra-cozy, elegant setting that will have any coffee lover buzz in delight, Pearl offers a unique range of snacks, bread & pastries, and gourmet coffee. The luxurious interiors and comfortable seating make the café the perfect spot to relax and socialize. Whether you are a fan of Cappucino or Americano or Latte, to name a few, Pearl has got the best coffee in town!


Luxury cakes at Pearl Resort Silvassa


We have the perfect cakes as well as gourmet snacks for your special occasions – whether it is a birthday party, anniversary celebration or you are just in the mood to indulge!



The café can accommodate upwards of 40 people at a time. Guests can also take advantage of various amenities, which include free parking, free Wi-Fi, and access to charging stations. The café is open daily from 7 am to 2 pm.



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